Plant Department Skincare Girl Model with Day Cream About the brand

Our Story

Plant Department was born from the search for effective natural skincare that was sensitive skin friendly. Inspired by a family of natural health advocates, brothers Thom and Rich Hemelryk sought a plant- based solution to their sensitive skin problems that offered clinical grade performance. In a skincare world divided by natural v’s synthetic, with trade-offs on both sides it was hard to find products that offered guilt free results.

Our launch range of daily skincare was developed after 2 years of development with biochemists and rigorous dermatological testing. Leading the formulations are active plants supported by the synthetic ingredients that keep the products safe for sensitive skin. We steer clear of irritating preservatives, fragrance and red flag ingredients.

The result? Highly natural, high performance skincare driven by science. So, it’s no longer about making a choice between quality or what you believe in.

We are on a mission to create a skincare brand that speaks for our generation. A brand built on our passion for quality ingredients and rooted in the belief that there is always a superior natural alternative.

Protect the Plants.

With a fierce passion for the natural world, we wanted to create a brand that that not only reflected our love of plants but also helped protect them.

We partnered with Cool Earth (the rainforest charity) to use Plant Dpt. as a tool to raise awareness and funding for rainforest communities working to halt deforestation.

£1 from every product sold goes straight to Cool Earth. And as we grow we hope to increase our contributions to the ecosystems that we so greatly depend on for the long-term survival of humanity

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