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How to Get #Glowing Skin - 5 Tips You Need to Know

“Dull skin? I don’t know her” …

VWith all of us venturing out as restrictions lift, we’re striving to give our skin a good wake-up call after months of being inside. Ask any beauty pro you know - you won’t find the secrets of glowing skin at the bottom of a highlighter pen… A quick refresher on what actually causes dull skin – all the nasties. Think: pollution, free radical damage, lifestyle factors like smoking or excessive drinking, lack of hydration, the sun’s rays, and vitamin depletion. As plant-people, we think the secret to achieving a permanently healthy, radiant, and clear complexion – is a combination of naturally effective products, practice, and (you’ve guessed it) patience. If you want the results you need to put in the #werk. We’ve pulled together all our industry and dermatologist know-how to gift you our top five tips for the best GLOWing skin of your life, no matter your level of dedication or skill...

Tip 01: Take your face to the gym

Sounds bizarre but stay with us – a quick face massage can go a long way. If you’re skin’s looking a little ‘bleh’, a two-minute massage can help to wake up the skin in the short term AND provide increased firmness and contour over time thanks to strengthened facial muscles and boosted circulation.

It’s also seriously easy to fit into your existing routine. Simply use your fingertips (or a gua sha or facial roller) to work in your Kakadu & Cacay Vitamin Booster Brightening Serum in firm, sweeping motions, up and out. As well as the benefits from the physical massage, our innovative formula of free-radical fighting antioxidants encourages cellular change within the skin to actively brighten, boost luminosity, and smooth out uneven skin tone. Your skin may turn a little pink (that’s the boosted circulation we mentioned) but take care never to drag or tug excessively. We don’t need added help in the ageing department.

Tip 02: Take charge of your skin barrier

A weakened skin barrier (ie. your protection from the outside world) can lead to dryness, flaking and irritated skin. The solution? (Gentle) Exfoliation! A word of warning – exfoliating and sensitive skin is a really delicate balancing act. Strong chemical exfoliators (alpha hydroxy acids we’re looking at you!) can leave sensitive skin irritated. Similarly physical exfoliating formulas can cause some pretty harsh results if not done properly. You know, those physical scrubs you can get your hands on, think the grittier the better?!

Thankfully, Plant DPT. have just the solution. The Organic Bamboo & Muslin Cotton Cleansing Cloths contain natural bamboo fibres to create a gentle exfoliating effect without being overly abrasive on the most sensitive of skin. Bamboo cotton enables you to tailor your exfoliating routine (and pressure level) to your skin’s bespoke needs. We’d recommend combining with the Oryza & Tsubaki Day Repair Cleansing Gel 2 to 3 times a week to leave behind only detoxified, balanced, and hydrated happy skin, but you know your skin best. You, do you! 

Tip 03: Embrace the power of vitamin C

Now, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, a Plant Dpt. we LOVE Vitamin C. In fact, we wrote a full blog post dedicated to this wonder ingredient and all the epic reasons why you should include it within your skincare routine [READ IT HERE]. Vitamin C can tackle most skincare concerns – uneven skin tone, rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and…drum roll please…general dullness! The Kakadu & Cacay Vitamin Booster Brightening Serum is full of the untapped power of nature and contains the world’s highest natural concentration of Vitamin C – the Kakadu Plum. You’ll need to head on over to our dedicated Vitamin C blog post for the full low down but it’s safe to say it’s a little bit of skincare magic

Tip 04: Protect from pollution 

Spoiler alert: we’re crafting a blog post all about this very topic soon so keep your eyes peeled! Until then, if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that protecting your skin from pollution (especially micro particles) is the quickest way you can not only revitalise your complexion but protect against premature ageing. The Artic Moss & Wild Fern City Hydration Day Cream is formulated specifically to thrive in the concrete jungle. It provides long-lasting hydration by actively enhancing moisture retention within the skin, and active pollution protection. It’s powered by x7, yes SEVEN, super plants and is a lightweight, silky texture. Don’t be fooled though, even if you don’t live in the big smoke – pollution protection is a requirement for all environments and skin types…

Tip 05: Bend over 

No really. Sometimes the solutions can be both natural and free! Hanging your head upside for 2 to 3 minutes a day to boost circulation is celebrity aesthetician Renee Rouleau’s top tip for maintaining a glowing complexion long term. If it’s good enough for the beauty elite…? 
Until next time, PLANT DPT.

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